All Because I Left My Light On

All Because I Left My Light On

I left my light on today.


I was rushing out of the house this morning and I left my light on today. I got outside to the car and I look up and I realize that my light in my bedroom was still on.


I’m the type of person that does not like to be rushed. I like schedules and structure and I like things to go in a particular order, in a particular way. So much so that in the morning when my daughter and I are getting ready for our days, I have an alarm set for everything. There is an alarm for us to wake up, an alarm for when it’s time to get dressed, an alarm for when it’s time to eat breakfast, an alarm for when it’s time to brush teeth and an alarm for when it’s time to leave the house. However, for some reason, WE CANNOT MAKE IT OUT OF THE ON TIME!


Everyday, every SINGLE day, we are rushing. Rushing to get out of the house, into the car, to the bus stop and off toward the rest of our day. That type of rushing makes me very anxious, makes me nervous, makes me stressed, makes me unsettled. And today, I left my light on! So not only am I rushing, not only am I already behind MY SCHEDULE, not only am I short on time, but NOW I’ve left my light on! Talk about stressed, talk about irritation, talk about anxiety, talk about GRRRRRRR! At this point, I don’t have time to go back in and turn my light off because I’m already way behind schedule.


As I was driving to work after my daughter got on the bus (thankfully we didn’t miss it), I began to listen to what God had to say. I prayed that God would help me to not be anxious today and to settle down. One of the things I heard Him say to me so very eloquently in His God-like fashion, was this simple scripture: “Many are the plans of a man but in the end, the plans of the Lord will prevail” (Proverbs 19:21- BBT*)


I started to think about my life and how I’m a Type A personality *gasp* Big surprise. I know. I am the type of person that likes to have a plan. And there’s nothing wrong with having a plan, but there’s a difference between having your own plan and being married to it and seeking God’s will for your life. I’ve been the type to create my own plan and then I’d ask God to bless it. I would say okay God, at this time in my life, I want this to happen, and then at this time this needs to happen, then after that, this needs to happen. And by this time, this will happen. Who am I to tell God when things will happen? Who am I to tell God what He’s going to do and when He needs to do something when I don’t have the ability to see the end from the beginning?


God is showing me that this personality trait of being a Type A control freak (that’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s true) has affected so many areas of my life. It even affects how I view Him and my relationship with Him. God is teaching me that it’s okay for things to not go according to plan. It’s even okay for me not to have a plan because He always has one and I just need to trust Him. He has it mapped out and He sees the end from the beginning. He’s showing me that I don’t have to be in control because He’s in control of every detail of my life. I don’t have to stress out at all. It’s okay when the schedule is thrown off. I don’t have to become anxious.


I left my light on today. Just as a reminder that He’s in control and I’m not.


What are some areas that you find you need to trust God? Are there areas where you are a control freak like me? Or how did you overcome them? Share in a comment! I really want to hear from you!

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*BBT-Blossoming Brittany Translation. Sometimes I quote scripture from memory and make my own translation but stay true to what it really is saying. I just mix up words!


  • Shanequa

    15.09.2016 at 10:53 Reply

    I also have a type A personality! Everything has to be in order and on time. I don’t have have the time issue as you but I do try to control other things like making it to work super early, prayer time (big one) and making sure all my plans are structured and good to go. It’s so funny because I was at my night job one day and I heard the Holy Spirit say if you trust Me I will get you out of the situation you are in. I’m like EEK!!!!!!! It seemed like it was too much to let go but he showed me that what I feel you to let go isn’t something that you can’t do. I’m not a God that I should lie or the Son of man that I should repent. Numbers 23:19. I’m learning to let God and trust Him. Being number six of 10 siblings I was required to do a lot more because my parents had so many others to attend too so I’ve learned at a early age that if I wanted to get something done that I had to do it myself. He is showing me the complete opposite. That He has it all figured out and that I’m not by myself. I’m not alone and don’t have to carry all that weight on my own. Thank you Jesus!

    • Brittany

      15.09.2016 at 12:56 Reply

      I love what you said about not having to do it yourself. God is continually teaching me that I don’t have to depend on me. I can fully rely on Him because He will never let me down. It’s a wonderful thing to know that in Him I have a place that I can rest and I don’t have to be “on” all the time!

  • Tiffani Cody

    22.09.2016 at 09:40 Reply

    I truly think I lie somewhere between the type A and type B personalities. With some things I need order and full details, but with other things I can just kinda go with the flow and love in the moment and accept things as they are happening without much anxiety or stress. I can totally relate to the anxiety and stress of rushing… it’s such a bad start to the day and doesn’t allow for reading into the morning because I’m already frustrated and my heart is beating fast from rushing around.
    An area of my life that I certainly need to trust God in more is in my finances. I’ve seen Him provide time and time again but somehow, sometimes when I’m looking at things that need to get done financially, those memories of how great Good is and his ability to work all things out, seem to slip my mind in those moments and the issue at hand becomes a mountain that consumes my mind. I’m growing and I’m even learning to remember all that God has already done, and to keep that in the forefront of my mind so that I never forget that He’s in control of all things and has a plan even when it doesn’t look like my own. Thanks Britt!!

    • Brittany

      23.09.2016 at 08:11 Reply

      I definitely understand! One thing that God is teaching me out of scripture is to write down the things He has done. That’s what the saints of the Old Testament did. They’d mark places and name them so they could go back and remember what God had done for them. Unfortunately, we have goldfish memories but if we become diligent about writing those things down, we will have something to go back to and we’ll have a legacy of God’s faithfulness to leave for our children and their children and their children!

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