3 Tips to Enhance Your Bible Study

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If I could do something forever for the rest of my life, I would teach others how to study the Bible. Very happily. I firmly believe that as Christians, the Bible should be our guide to how we think, how we live, what we believe, and how we interact with others. The problem is that so many people just don’t know how to study. They’ve never been taught. How can you apply something to your life that you don’t understand? You simply can’t.


Studying and learning your Bible doesn’t have to be hard. If you start with a good study Bible, there are some things you can do that will enhance your Bible study time and make it more fruitful. I recently got The Study Bible for Women and I LOVE it. Not only is it pretty, but it has some amazing study aides. This Bible is the Christian Standard Bible translation. This is a translation that is considered an optimal translation, meaning that the translators took the original texts and translated them in such a way to make it easy for us to understand while keeping the integrity of the original message.


Once you start with a good study Bible, doing these three simple things will help increase your understanding.


Read the Book’s Introduction

Simple tricks to make your Bible Study time more fruitful - thebrittanycharris.com There is so much good content in the introduction to a book that you’re reading. It gives you background on who wrote the book, who they wrote it to, why they wrote the book. This is important when studying the Bible because part of studying is interpreting what the original writer intended the original reader to understand. So often, we skip these beginning pages and start right at chapter one. If you take time to read through these initial pages, you’ll get so much more out of your study time.


Read the Word Study Notes

Simple tricks to make your Bible Study time more fruitful - thebrittanycharris.com

These notes are critical. Language is an important part of fully understanding your Bible. So often, we come across words and assume that we know what they mean. But keep in mind, when you’re reading the Bible, you are reading ancient texts that have been translated from Greek and Hebrew into English. English is such a simplified language. We have can have multiple definitions for one word. If you don’t take the time to understand what the proper definition is to the word you’re reading, it can completely change your understanding of a passage.


Pay Attention to Character Studies

Simple tricks to make your Bible Study time more fruitful - thebrittanycharris.com

The people in the Bible are real people, just like you and I. They had lives, jobs, families, interests, and desires. Just like you and I! When you consider that these were real people, with real lives, who had real successes and real failures, you endeavor to learn from them! Only a foolish man sees an example and doesn’t heed the lesson, good or bad! If you take the time to read the character profiles in your Bible, you will learn a lot about the people of the Bible and find examples of what to do and what not to do. This is key as we endeavor to apply God’s word to our lives.


Psalm 119 is all about the importance of God’s word in our lives. As we endeavor to study it and hide God’s word in our hearts, we’ll begin to see our lives changed and transformed.


What are some of your favorite Bible Study tips? What questions do you have about studying the Bible? Leave your question or comment below or email me at thebrittanycharris@outlook.com. I’d love to hear from you!


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