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5 Essentials to Have Fulfilling Quiet Time

Last week I wrote a post about enjoying me-time, but there was one important thing I didn’t include because I wanted to write a post about it all by itself. One of the best ways to rejuvenate from being peopled out or from having a really long day is spending time with God.  Although I love those other 10 ways to enjoy me time, my absolute favorite is spending time in the presence of the Lord or quiet time.


Quiet time is what Christians refer to when they spend time in reading the bible, in prayer and in worship to the Lord. I could literally sit in a place like that all day. I would be totally content to sit in His presence and never move. That place restores me and gives me clarity of mind. All the benefits I talked about that come from those me-time activities, being in the presence of the Lord does that and so much more. In this post, I’m going to talk about 5 Essentials to Have a Fulfilling Quiet Time.


Worship Music

I absolutely love worship music. It sets the atmosphere for quiet time. Worship music gets your heart and mind in tune with what you’re getting ready to do and puts you in mind of who you’re spending time with. I enjoy all kinds of worship music, but my current favorite is from Bethel Music. Their songs talk about who God is and just about spending time in His presence.


Have Your Bible

Whether you use an actual Bible or your Bible app, having the word of God in front of you is necessary. The Word of God is life! It is what sustains us as Christians. The Word of God is equivalent to food for your body. Just like you must eat food to live, you must have the word of God. Without it, you’ll spiritually starve. My favorite Bible is the Life Application Study Bible- New Living Translation. I love how easy it is to understand and the study notes help make it applicable to everyday life- which is the point of all of this!



Prayer is the lifeline of a believer. In the Old Testament, the people couldn’t get God on their own. They had to go through the priest. But when Jesus came, He gave us full access to the Father. The Bible tells us that we can go boldly before the throne of grace. Prayer, is simply communication with God. A lot of times, we make prayer this big production of empty words and it becomes intimidating and many people think that only certain people can pray. In reality, anyone with a relationship with God can pray! The way that I have conversations with my best friend is the same way that I talk to God. Although you don’t have to use a bunch of fancy, flowery words, prayer is filled with passion and emotion and honesty. We talk to God because He is our best friend, He is our rock, our confidant, and the constant one we can turn to. Having quiet time without prayer is like sitting down to dinner without talking. We converse with God and He responds to us.



Quiet time is a place of exchange. And because prayer is a dialogue and not a monologue, God speaks to us. It’s not just us spilling on Him but it’s taking time to listen to what He has to say back to us. Once you’ve set aside time to talk to God and pour out the contents of your heart, He, in return, He responds. It’s a real relationship with back and forth communication. Quiet time is  where you can discuss your fears and failures and in return He gives you strength and encouragement. It’s a beautiful exchange! In that time, it’s important to write down what you’re thinking and feeling; to write what the scripture is saying to you. It’s also important to write out what God is saying to you! Is He giving you words of encouragement and words of instruction? It’s vital to write those down so when you leave quiet time, you’ve got what you need to go through the rest of the day.


Have a Quiet Place

This is probably the most important of the points. I know it seems obvious, but it’s important to find a place where you can go away from everyone and everything else. Jesus would leave away from His disciples to go and pray. He would go away to spend time with the Father. He would make it a point to spend time alone with God. He would turn off His hypothetical cell phone and got away from His friends. He turned off the tv and left His family behind. When you have distractions, you can’t fully get what you need out of quiet time. If your cell phone is buzzing, beeping and flashing, you’ll find yourself scrolling on Instagram for 30 minutes instead of reading what you intended to read. For me, this is why I use an actual Bible instead of an app: it’s too distracting! When you set aside quiet time, turn off the rest of the world and focus solely on why you’re in that place-being ALONE with God.


This blog is all about me growing. Being honest, quiet time is the most fulfilling yet most challenging part of my relationship with God. It’s fulfilling because I love it and I get everything I need out of it. It’s challenging because I have a hard time staying consistent. That’s because the enemy knows that quiet time is a necessary part of being in relationship with God. Without quiet time, I’m an emotional basket case! It’s the spiritual equivalent to being hangry. Having quiet time helps you keep your emotions in line with the Word of God. It gives us the opportunity to give the Holy Spirit full control of hearts, our minds, and our lives. We play an active part in this by making quiet time a priority.


Enjoy the me time activities, but above anything else, the most important way to enjoy me time is in the presence of the Lord. The place where He can speak to places in your heart that no one else can even get to. The place where you can build an intimate relationship with the Father who loves, who cares for you, who knows you better than all, and who can solve problems like no other. The Father who can wrap you in His arms and showcase how much He loves you. That’s the ultimate way to enjoy me time.


What are some things you like to incorporate into your quiet time? Is quiet time a struggle for you? What are some things you’ve learned that make it easier to stay consistent to have quiet time? I always want to hear from you! Comment below!


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