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Fighting Faith: Prayer As A Weapon

Have you ever watched a message that stirred you so much that you know God changed something inside of you? That’s how this message was for me. Dr. David Ireland illuminated prayer as a weapon for me. I’ve heard countless messages on prayer, but it’s something about this message that changed my heart and mind.


God has been wooing me into a deeper prayer life so I began to listen to sermons about prayer and came across this message. Dr. Ireland teaches from 1 Samuel 30 about how after David and his men were attacked, David went into battle by getting on His knees. Instead of accepting defeat, David chose prayer. He refused to allow his enemies to get the victory and he went to God in prayer for strategy.


How We Can Use Prayer As A Weapon


How often do we allow things to just happen in our lives? We allow the enemy to ransack our families, our finances, our homes, our peace. And we just lie down and take it. We are passive about what the enemy is doing! We are in the middle of a spiritual battle every single day and we have to fight for what God has promised us! The Bible teaches us to put on the full armor of God and one of the pieces of our armor is prayer. We have been given the awesome privilege to go before God and petition that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


When was the last time that you looked at prayer as a weapon or a tool to fight against the enemy? It’s amazing how often we neglect this powerful resource we have been given. We must become people of prayer, not just people who pray. This means that we must constantly be praying and seeking God. We can use prayer as an offensive weapon, to pray against coming attacks of the enemy, or as a defensive weapon, when the enemy attacks gaining strategy from God on how we can defeat him.


When you see that the enemy is after your stuff, don’t just roll over and let it happen. Go to God in prayer. He wants to fight on your behalf.


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