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10 Gift Ideas for Your Virtual Assistant

I love being a Virtual Assistant. My clients are the absolute best. No seriously. I find so much joy in helping them achieve their business goals. The tasks that a virtual assistant does may seem small, but they are important to the building of a client’s brand and their community. I know lots of us VA think of ourselves as part of the team, as partners with our clients. We are just as invested in the success of their business they are. It’s our business to make your business our business (haha).


This list is just a couple of quick things that I thought about. If you have an AMAZING virtual assistant and you want to send a token of appreciation to your silent partner, check out some of these ideas!



1.Letter Board – Letter Links Co. All the rage right now. I think they’re the coolest way to express yourself right now. And they’re really cute for Instagram.


2. Nail PolishRooted Woman Nothing like a good mani right?




3. The Content Call MasterclassThe Alisha Nicole This is an investment in your VA’s brand and ultimately in your brand! This class teaches you how to effectively brainstorm and develop incredible content that your audience will trust, share and be ready to invest in.


4. The Simplified PlannerEmily Ley How cute are these planners? Help your VA get organized and keep their business on track. Planning is a huge part of being a VA.




5. The Dreamer + Doer NecklaceNo Real Jewelry A simple reminder that you are capable of dreaming big dreams and doing the hard work it takes to make those dreams come true.


6. Boss SweatshirtGigi Taught Me Your VA runs their own business which makes them the BOSS!




7. Faith Fuel BoxChamel Evans This gift is great to help encourage your VA to press into their faith. Send them a little faith boost right to their door!


8. Living Over Existing Book – Living Over Existing This book is great to give actionable steps to move past fear and doubt to start living life on purpose.




9. Sea Salt SoakSavage Glow Who doesn’t like a spa bath? Give your VA the gift of relaxing at the end of a long week with these bath salts!


10. Starbucks (or any coffee place) gift cards – If your VA is like me, they run on coffee. It’s the fuel to their creativity. Grab them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop and I’m sure they’ll be eternally grateful!



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