4 Ways to Make God's Desires Yours - Learning to make God's desires yours by Brittany C. Harris brittanycharris.com

4 Ways to Make God’s Desires Yours

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One of the hardest lessons that I’ve had to learn thus far in my Christian walk is the difference between my desire and God’s desire. The difference between a good desire and God’s will and plan and desire for my life. BIG difference y’all. Big difference. I’ve got dreams, I’ve got goals, and I’ve got plans. Big ones. Regular ones too, but definitely big ones. I have all these things I want to accomplish, and they take space in my heart. I think about them all the time, and I strive for them as much and as hard as possible. 


It took me a lot of mistakes and heartache and pain and money and tears and frustration to learn this lesson. I mean a LOT. *insert Cher’s song If I Could Turn Back Time* Sometimes I wish younger me had current me to say Nah girl, don’t do that. Man the money and time I could have saved! But at the end of the day, the lessons I learned are invaluable, so I guess it was worth it. However, if I can help keep you from making the same mistakes and help you learn this lesson now, that’s even better!


We must make God’s desires our desires. Until we do, we’ll be spinning our wheels and going in circles. Ask the Children of Israel! They wandered in the desert for 40 years because they wanted to do it their way instead of God’s way. They elevated their desires above God’s desires. If we do this, we open ourselves up to missing what God has planned for us.


I can hear you now (maybe I can hear myself because I KNOW I’ve presented this argument!) “Well if it’s a good desire, how can it not be from God? Every good and perfect thing comes from God, right?”  If you don’t quit being fake deep and listen to what God is saying to you! Like I said earlier, every good thing isn’t a GOD thing. And it may not be God’s timing for that good thing in your life. Stop trying to force open a door that God hasn’t prepared you for yet!


Making God’s desires yours takes intentionality. It requires us to change our thinking and our heart posture in some key and crucial ways. Here are four key ways to make God’s desires your desires:


Humble Yourself

If you can take yourself off of your pride pedestal, you’ll see that you don’t really know the way. Trust me. I had to swallow this bitter pill (and still have to continuously!). But humility is the first step to making His desires yours. Being willing to admit that you can’t see the end from the beginning and recognizing your limitations and your faulty decision making.


Acknowledge God As In Control

Listen. We control NOTHING! We don’t even control our next breath. What makes us think we are qualified to determine what is best for our lives? When you realize that God is in control, you won’t want things your way anyway. If I were in the room with Chef Gordon Ramsay, I would let him tell me what to eat. He knows better than I do. God knows better than we do what we need for our lives.


Make Prayer An Integral Part of Your Life

Prayer isn’t just a monologue; it’s a dialogue. This means that God talks back to us when we communicate with Him. God wants to let us in on the things that He has in store for us and to let us know His plan for our lives. He doesn’t want to keep things a secret and keep us guessing. When we persist in prayer and make praying a part of our lives, He will reveal to us what we should desire.


Delight Yourself In Him

Psalm 37:4 says to Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. That word delight means to “bend towards, to be inclined towards [an object or person]. This means that we bend and submit our will towards His. We trade in what we desire for what He has in store for us. When we choose to bow our desires to His will and His plan, He is eager to place in our hearts the desires He has for us.


Trading your desires for God’s is vital for us as believers. It allows us to be used by God to the maximum capacity. Jesus understood this. This is what Gethsemane was about. He bent His will and His desires to the will and desires of the Father. As a result, Jesus’ obedience opened salvation to the entire world. Taking on God’s desires as ours enables us to make an impact on the Kingdom of darkness for the benefit of the Kingdom of Light. That’s why we’re here. When we keep this in mind, it makes it easier to fully take on God’s agenda, His will, and His desires.


What ways have you made God’s desires yours? What areas do you still need to work on? Comment and let me know or email me at brittany.c.harris@gmail.com. We’re in this thing TOGETHER! Like I always say, let’s continue to grow together as we grow in Him.


Listen to Making God’s Desires Yours, Podcast Episode #18


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4 Ways to Make God's Desires Yours - Learning to make God's desires yours by Brittany C. Harris brittanycharris.com


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