Praying for Mexico

As many of you know, I’ll be headed to Guadalajara, Mexico this summer for a missions trip. God has been knitting my heart to a place I’ve never been. I know that these are God’s people. And He loves them. Truly loves them. This morning I got some news that has me asking you to pray for Mexico with me.


Many parts of Mexico are plagued with violence. This breaks my heart. I can’t understand senseless violence, but I know that Christ is the answer. It’s in my heart to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The team that we’re going with this summer will be ministering to the people in Guadalajara. We will be praying with families, visiting orphans, coordinating with the local churches as well as doing street ministry.



What We’re Doing In the Meantime

We don’t leave for Guadalajara until July 24th, but what we’ve been doing in the meantime is praying. Prayer is such an important and integral part of our lives as believers. I think too often we downplay the power of prayer. We must be kneeling warriors and fight for the things that God has promised us.




You Can Pray For Mexico

Help us pray for this land. Pray for the people, for God to send His love, His light, and His hope to the area. Pray for His protection of those in the area, including the pastors and missionaries. Lift up the work that we’ll be doing and pray for impact. We want to see what God wants happen when we go in July.


Help Us

In addition to your prayers, please consider giving to this work. We are close to our goal to be able to make an impact, but we’d love you to partner with us. Any amount that you donate will send us to do the work. With any donation over $50, you can receive a Guadalajara Tshirt to show your partnership with what God is doing.



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