Sneak peek at a new lifestyle blog coming soon!

Blossoming Brittany Sneak Peek!


I am super duper excited to be launching this blog soon! I’ve been working on several things over the past few months that I cannot wait to share with you guys. I’ll be sharing all kinds of posts about my life (clearly!) and the many lessons that come along with growing into who God made me. If you haven’t already, subscribe so you don’t miss any of the blogs! In the meantime, here is a sample of a few posts…

5 Foolproof Tips For A Mess-Free House


If I showed you my house right now, you’d run in fear. Okay. Just kidding! But honestly, I have my days where I wish I had a fairy godmother to go “bippity boppity boo” and all the mess is cleaned up and my house sparkles and shines. I really laughed at myself while typing that.


Come close, I need to tell you a secret. *whispers*  I. Hate. Cleaning. Unless I’m really agitated and need to work out frustrations. But other than that, cleaning is not my thing…

The Lesson My Keys Taught Me


As I headed for the door I did a mental checklist to make sure I had everything.


Brushed my teeth *check*

Phone *check*

Purse *check*

Lunch *check*

Keys? KEYS?
I looked in the usual 4 (well, 5) places but my keys weren’t there! At that point, the search was on. I tossed couch cushions, I tore through laundry baskets, I even looked in the trash can (at the top okay? Don’t judge me!) I dumped out my purse and checked all my pockets. I left no stone unturned. After a complete and thorough search, I finally found them. That day, I was late.. Really late.

10 Ways to Avoid People


I am something like an introvert. I love me-time. It’s the fuel to my soul. And as much as I like people, people drain me. Although that sounds terrible, it’s totally okay! Knowing who I am helps me cope better with life. One of the things this realization has helped me become aware of are the times when I need to avoid people. There are times when I’m all “peopled out” and I need a break. Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you too need to have some me-time to recharge. In no particular order, here are my favorite 10 ways to avoid people.



Okay okay! That’s enough! I can’t spoil it too much! Subscribe so you don’t miss the first post!!! Join me on my journey as I blossom into who God created me to be!

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