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Social Media Detox


Tell me if this rings a bell.


It’s morning and your alarm goes off. You open one eye to reach for your phone and turn the blaring noise off. You roll over and through blurred vision, you unlock your phone. You tap around until you land on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat. After about 5 minutes *ahem* 10 minutes *AHEM* (okay okay) 30 minutes of scrolling, you finally put your phone down and you can start your day.




You’re out to dinner with your family or friends. Everyone sitting around the table is silent. Not because there’s nothing to talk about, but because everyone has their heads buried in their phones, engrossed in a virtual world and not the real one.


This is the life of so many of us today. We’ve been taken over by social media!


*disclaimer* I am not about to bash social media! Social media is a great tool and I’ve met many of my bestest friends on social media! Heck, many of you probably found this blog from social media!


I love social media, but the truth is, we must learn to not allow social media to consume our lives. It’s time for us to unplug from the online world and plug into the world around us. (That was kind of corny, but you get the point!) I took a few weeks away from social media and these were the best, most productive, most clear weeks I’ve had in a long while! I wasn’t concerned with what I was going to post, wasn’t wrapped up in mindless scrolling. I was able to find other things to do and other things I enjoyed.


I hear you already. “But Brittany, how am I going to keep in touch with my friends?” Ummm, how about texting them? Call them? Video chat with them? GO VISIT THEM! All of these things allow you to build a real relationship with people and build your communication and people skills (an art that is lost in our generation!)


Are you ready to detox? Take the challenge- Try a few of these things:


Go one week without social media.

Delete the apps from your phone. Resist getting on via the web browser.


When out with friends and family, put your phone on silent and face down.

I saw this challenge where when you’re out with friends that everyone puts their phone face down on the table. The first one to pick up their phone has to get the check. Try it!


Turn off push notifications.

If your phone is constantly blinking, beeping and buzzing, you feel compelled to check your phone. STOP THE MADNESS! Take back control.


Do something new and DON’T post it on social media!

Take pictures for yourself!


Call, text, email, video chat or visit a friend.

Make the real effort to build a relationship outside of social media.


How has being tied to your phone hindered you? Which of these suggestions do you think you’re going to try? Are there any other ideas you have to share?

What do you hope to gain?


Let me know! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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  • Nikki

    13.12.2016 at 12:11 Reply

    Something I’ve been doing w/ my best friend is when we go out to dinner or go have fun, we leave the phone in the car to actually ENJOY each other’s time. It’s become 2nd nature to just pick up the phone and take a picture of things we enjoy, but the urge to put it on social media to “show the world” just for likes and giggles from random strangers gets ridiculous at times. I’ve uninstalled the apps and turned off notifications, because the notifications always seem to call my name “Check me, Nikki, check meeee!” LOL. i don’t know how social media has became some ingrained so deeply into our daily lives…everything on it is an illusion.

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