Table for One, Please

I haven’t been on a date in I don’t know how long. At this point, I’d probably be really awkward on a first date.


Him: So what kind of things do you like to do? Me: I like to eat cheese



But that’s perfectly okay. One thing that I have mastered is the art of dating myself. As a professional single person (singlehood established in 2011), I’ve done some really cool things. I enjoy being able to be my completely awkward self and not having to wonder if I’m embarrassing someone else. While I wait for God’s timing for marriage, I’m not sitting miserably or idly by wishing I was going on dates. I just go with myself! Here are a couple of my favorite ideas.


Ice Cream

Go to your favorite ice cream shop and get an extra scoop of your favorite flavor. If you’re feeling super special, add sprinkles!


Go to the movies

Check out a movie that you want to see. You can laugh out loud, bawl your eyes out, jump out of your skin in suspense and you don’t have to worry about anyone around you. *TIP, get the kid’s pack at the concession stand! You get popcorn, a drink and some type of candy for super cheap!


Visit an Art Museum

Take a Saturday and go look at local art. Find artist you like and experience some culture.


Window Shop

Hit up your favorite local mall and stop by all your favorite stores. Try on a billion clothes. Sit in all the massaging chairs at Brookstone. PEOPLE WATCH (one of my favorite pastimes! I love making up stories for people!)


Go Out to Eat

It’s really okay to go out to eat by yourself. Order everything you want and PIG OUT! (This is another great place to people watch!)


There are many, many more ways to date yourself! Just because you don’t have someone else to take you on a date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself well. My hope is that once I get married, I’ll never be single again. With that in mind, I make the most of this time and enjoy some pretty amazing company, if I may say so myself!


Tell me, which of these is your favorite idea? What are some other things that you’ve tried? Married folks, any advice for us singles? Let’s get to talking!


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