The Desire and The Power

I’ve been praying about what to share next here on the blog. There are so many lessons to share and so many things that God is doing in my heart and mind. I am overjoyed at the season of growth that He has me in. It’s super duper uncomfortable, but I know that it’s for my good!


As I prayed about this post, God gave me a simple idea and I’m excited about sharing. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing scriptures that have impacted my life and my relationship with Christ. I’ll be expounding upon the truths in them that have helped me along the way. These are some of my go-to scriptures. The ones that I cannot do without. It’s not an all-inclusive list by any means, but just a few that I know God has directed me to share. I really hope and pray that you are encouraged and blessed by them and that you are able to grow from the application in them.


To kick off this series, I want to share one of my most favorite scriptures. *disclaimer, I’ll probably say that about all of them. haha*

God wants to help us live for Him. He sets us up for success. Read this post for simple truths from Philippians 2:13-


When I began to write my list of scriptures, this is the first one that came up. It’s one that has been ringing in my heart consistently ever since I came across it in the Bible. I’m pretty sure I’ve referenced it several times over the past few years. It’s a scripture that I MUST emphatically believe in order to live this Christian life.


When I had my Damascus experience and really gave my life to Christ, I was coming out a life of promiscuity. To give my life to Christ meant just that- I had to give all of my life to Christ. And for me, that was different. I grew up in church but I hadn’t given my life to Christ. So to walk out of promiscuity wasn’t an easy task in my own strength. But in my heart, I wanted Jesus. I wanted Him more than the life I had led. I tried that life unsuccessfully for nearly 8 years. It led to heartache, failure, setbacks, depression and so much more. It was time for something new.


So when I really began to live for Christ, I was fighting my habits, my mindsets, and my human nature. I was fighting not being strong enough or able enough to live for Christ AND fighting not wanting to let go of my ways. And to be quite honest, there were times that I just didn’t want to do right. Just being real and transparent, there are times when it feels like living for Christ requires too much and you just don’t want to!


This scripture in Philippians is a promise from God Himself. He not only helps us do what pleases Him, but He also helps us want to. This is huge for a few reasons:


1- He gives us the strength to do right according to His dictates. God in His sovereignty realizes the gravity of what He’s called us to do. He recognizes our frailty and our weaknesses. He knows that in our own strength, we don’t have the ability to carry out His commands. We NEED Him to help us. He gives us the power and the strength to do His will.


2- God give us the desire to obey Him. In those times when I just flat out don’t want to do right, all I have to do is to ask Him to help me have the want to. There were times when I didn’t want to live a celibate life, times when I didn’t want to love my neighbor, and even now there are times when I don’t want to do other things that He asks of us. But the beautiful thing is that He doesn’t just leave it up to us and our fickle feelings to do right.


3- My favorite truth from this scripture is just that God helps us to live for Him. We don’t have to rely on our own selves. He sets us up for success if we just invite Him in. I had to learn that if I fully trust and rely on Him, He helps me. It takes so much pressure and weight off of me knowing that I don’t have to perform and that I don’t have to live saved in my strength. It takes away the fear of failure.


Every day I have to fight against my desire and my strength but thanks be to God, I don’t have to succumb to my desires or be subdued by my weakness. He is giving me His desires, exchanging my will for His and He is giving me His power, enabling me to be victorious, no matter what I face.


Whenever you find yourself struggling in an area of your life, invite God in. He will give you the desire and the power. He helps you and He helps you want to. How super duper dope is that?


I really pray that these simple truths help you in your relationship with God this week. How can you apply this scripture to your life this week? What part of this stuck out to you the most? As always, I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below so that we can grow together as we grow in Him.

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God wants to help us live for Him. He sets us up for success. Read this post for simple truths from Philippians 2:13-

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