It's amazing the lessons you can learn from everyday life objects! Read more to see what my keys taught me-

The Lesson My Keys Taught Me

Whenever I get home from work, I toss my keys aside. I have a designated hook for them in my kitchen, however I rarely ever use it. Generally, my keys end up on the table, in my purse, on the kitchen counter or on the couch. When I’m preparing to leave the house the next day, I’m almost always guaranteed to find my keys in 1 of those 4 places (5 if I’ve actually used my hook).


There was one morning, I was running late. A little later than usual. I couldn’t get out of bed, my shower lasted too long, my hair wouldn’t cooperate, my daughter, Amaya, needed something signed, I forgot to make my lunch, I couldn’t find my other shoe. You know, one of those mornings. I finally got everything together and as I headed for the door I did a mental checklist to make sure I had everything.


Brushed my teeth *check*

Phone *check*

Purse *check*

Lunch *check*

Keys? KEYS?


I looked in the usual 4 (well, 5) places but my keys weren’t there! At that point, the search was on. I tossed couch cushions, I tore through laundry baskets, I even looked in the trash can (at the top okay? Don’t judge me!) I dumped out my purse and checked all my pockets. I left no stone unturned. After a complete and thorough search, I finally found them. That day, I was late… Really late.


But the point of my story is this: when you search for something, you look through every nook and cranny until you find it. In Psalm 139:23-24, David prays that God search his heart. David knew there were some things in him that were below the surface, some things that were hidden that only God could get to. He knew there were some thought processes, feelings and behaviors that weren’t visible to the naked eye and he wanted God to search him in order for David to grow.


We must ask God to search us. “God look everywhere for the things in me that are not like you. God, flip couch cushions, tear through laundry baskets, check pockets and dump purses. God don’t stop searching until you find what in me is not like you. Then point it out so I can give it to you.” At the end of the day, our goal is always to be more like Him. So if searching is what it takes, then we must pray, “Lord, search my heart.”


I learned a great lesson that day about the art of searching. The lesson I didn’t learn was to use my key hook. I’m still working on that one.


What are some areas you know God is searching? What can you share with others on the importance of allowing God to search you? Leave a comment below! Let me know!


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