How being led by your emotions is dangerous to your well-being.

Turning A Problem Into A Mess

I did a YouTube video last week about getting control of your emotions and it’s funny because I was going through my journal and found my notes on the subject. I thought that it would be good to share with people. So I recorded the video and then I had a meeting with my pastor at my church. In our meeting, we talked about how one of the main areas that God is developing me in is in my emotions. I didn’t quite realize how much I’m still led by my emotions.


A couple of weeks ago I had an incident happen with my daughter and as a mother, my first response was in my emotions. Immediately I sprang into emotional action. I didn’t stop to seek God or pray or ask what I should do. I chose to do what I always do and tried to fix it based on how I felt at the time. When I did that, I created more of a problem than there was. Now I’m in the process of cleaning up the mess that I made because I chose to respond emotionally rather than being led by the Spirit.


It’s so often that when we choose our emotions to be our first response, instead of allowing the Spirit to dictate our response, we find ourselves in a mess. We find our lives in shambles. The situation may have been bad, but when we mix our emotions in, we create this huge production that was totally unnecessary.


God showed me a story in the Bible that is pretty much like this. I enjoy using the Bible as a backdrop because it makes it relevant. And it shows that the people in the Bible were human. It helps us to relate and it feels good to know that we’re not alone.


One person in the Bible who had an emotional response that turned a problem into a mess was my homie, David. David is one of my two favorite Biblical persons (outside of Jesus). David was jacked up, just like me, but God used David in mighty ways. It encourages me!


Let’s take a look at this story of David’s. In 2 Samuel 11 and 12, David was king. As king, David’s was responsible to go out to battle with the troops. That was the custom of their culture. However, for this battle, David didn’t feel like going into battle. So because David didn’t feel like it, he sent the troops on and he stayed behind. Mistake #1- Not doing what you’re supposed to do because you don’t feel like. When we’re led by our feelings, our emotions, we find ourselves not doing what we’re supposed to do. The Bible says in James 4:17 to know what to do and not do it is a sin. It doesn’t matter the reason! If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do just because you don’t feel like it, that is sin! (YIKES)


So David stayed back and he’s chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool. And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school. Just kidding. He really was chillin out, maxin up on his rooftop. He looks over and sees Bathsheba. Bathsheba is out doing what she’s supposed to be doing. She’s taking a bath, performing the customary purification ritual after her monthly visitor. But because David isn’t where he’s supposed to be, he sees her. And David feels like he wants her. Here’s another problem! They weren’t married! And just because David feels like he wants her doesn’t mean he’s supposed to have her. But David sends for her anyway and they sleep together. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP!!!




I forgot to mention, Bathsheba is married. I’m pretty sure David is married too, but he’s king and he acts like he can just do whatever he wants to do. A couple of months go by and she calls David to tell him that she’s late. Bathsheba done popped up pregnant!


David starts to PANIC!!! He gets all the way in his feelings! I imagine David pacing back and forth and the conversation goes like this:


“What am I about to do?!? I can’t have a baby by you! You’re married with a whole husband! What am I about to do?!!! I’m the king! What are they going to think about me? What am I about to do!?!?”


So David has this problem, which is bad enough, but because David got in his feelings and let his emotions lead, and because he didn’t consult the Lord, David turned a problem into a mess. David tried to fix it himself. He sent for Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, to come home from battle to be with his wife. In a post a couple of weeks ago, I talked about how I try to fix a problem without praying first. This is exactly what David did. He came up with some harebrained scheme.


David: “Alright, what I’m about to do is send for Uriah. He’ll come home, I’ll get him real drunk. He’ll sleep with his wife. They’ll think he got her pregnant and I’ll be cool!”




Uriah comes home and questions why he got pulled away from the rest of the troops. He refused to sleep with his wife because it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the men.


At this point, David realizes that his plan is crumbling. He’s like “What in the world! This was supposed to be genius! It was supposed to be foolproof! This was supposed to work!”


It didn’t work.


So again, instead of David going to the Lord and getting direction, David tries to fix it himself. David sends a message to the leader of the army and David asks him to put Uriah right on the front line in the heat of battle. David schemed to kill Uriah all because of his emotions, all because he chose to do what he felt instead of being led by the spirit. He killed Uriah. Uriah was put right up front and he died. Instead of being free of his guilt and responsibility for getting Bathsheba pregnant, David racked up guilt on top of guilt. He took a problem and made it into a mess, a HUGE mess.


David thought he had gotten away with it, but the prophet came to David and told him that God saw what he had done. And because of what he had done, the child that Bathsheba was carrying would die. God wasn’t going to honor something that was done in sin. That’s another post for another time.


The point I’m trying to make with David is that sometimes we’ll face problems in our lives and things will happen. It’s inevitable. The Bible teaches that it rains on the just and the unjust alike, meaning that just because we’re saved doesn’t exempt us from life happening. But the beautiful thing is that we don’t have to be led by how we feel. We don’t have to perceive the world around us from the vantage point of our emotions and our limited scope of understanding. We can perceive the world around us by being led by the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that as many that are led by the Spirit of God, those are the Sons of God. We have to choose to be led by the Holy Spirit and not be led by our emotions. Every time we choose to be led by our emotions, we take a problem and turn it into a mess.


Eventually, David repented. If you want to read the full story, it’s in 2 Samuel 11-12. David still had to deal with the mess that he made. This week, I challenge you to not be led by your emotions. Don’t get caught up in your feelings. If you do, you’ll take whatever situation you’re facing and make it worse. Allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide. This is where God has His finger in my life. I’m still learning this lesson. I took my problem and turned it into a mess and now I’m walking through the cleanup process with God. Thankfully I’m not in it alone. He’s helping me realize that letting my emotions lead produces results that aren’t the best and with God, we want to do things the best way possible.


I want to pray for you. I really want to pray. Leave me a comment below! Where do you find yourself being led by your emotions more than being led by the Spirit of God? Ask yourself, “How often do I allow seeking the Lord to be my first response?” “Am I growing in this area or am I in the same place?” Leave me a comment, shoot me an email, reach out to me. I really want to connect with you so we can grow together as we grow in Him.

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How being led by your emotions is dangerous to your well-being.

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