Hi guys, I’m Brittany, blogger extraordinaire. Kidding. I just love to write. I’ve been blogging off and on for almost 10 years. I love using words to express my thoughts and to share the lessons that I’ve learned through my life.

I realize that sometimes things happen in life and we feel completely alone. We feel alienated as if no one else thinks or feels or experiences any of what we do. That mindset keeps us locked in a prison, desperately searching for freedom in camaraderie. Yet we are too afraid and too ashamed to admit that we feel the ways we feel.

That’s why I started this blog. I wanted to create a place of connection. A place where you can feel seen, heard, and valued. A place where as I am vulnerable and share my life lessons, good and bad, successes and failures, that you come to understand a couple of things. First, that you are not alone, and secondly, that Christ is more than enough to meet every one of our shortcomings. Through His word, we can find what we need for encouragement, strength, discipline, and growth.

Other than a writer, I’m just a regular person. A single mom to a super awesome teenager. She amazes me every single day. I’m an ordained minister and have been serving at my church since 2012. I’m a psychology nerd. I love to study people and why we do what we do. For work, I am Senior Digital Strategist for a mar-comms agency. Basically, I play on social media all day and help clients connect with their audiences. I’m an Ohio State Buckeye through and through and I’m mildly obsessed with coffee.

My prayer for you is this: that through every word that you read here, you encounter the love, the embrace, and the wisdom of Christ. That through challenge, your life be changed to reflect His character and ultimately, that it equip you to continue to carry out the mission He left us with: Evangelize, make disciples, teaching them everything He commanded us to do.

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