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Brittany Harris

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Ashford University

Bachelor of Arts, Major – Communications, Minor – Psychology


10+ Years Experience with Social Media

Develop + Implement Training Courses

Excellent Verbal and Written Communication

Great Attention to Detail

Project Management

Strategic Planning 

Relationship Building/Nurturing

Public Speaking/


Digital Marketing 

Creative Thinker


Self Leadership

Reliable and Professional


Time Management

Team Player

Fast Learner


Strong Morals

About me

I am a self-proclaimed “Social Media Aficionado” with over 10 years of professional experience. I love social media and the power to build relationships, connect with brands and discover solutions. When I began my career in communications, I had no clue I could marry my love for social media with what I do professionally. 

Over the last 10 years, I have worked with a variety of industries including small business clients, non-profits, corporate, and agency clients. My passion is to pair brands with their target audience through dynamic content. I enjoy teaching clients and colleagues how to enhance their social media platforms to increase audience engagement and brand awareness by staying on top of current trends and implementing creative, interactive content. My professional experience includes developing and implementing social media training material, content development, building brand personas, identifying research-driven strategies and carrying out tactics, etc. I have established myself as a leader and innovator in every role I have held by collaborating with colleagues and partners. I have spent time learning what various audiences want, and how to reach and convert them into engaged customers and brand advocates – all through the power of social media.

A few of my career highlights are:

Starting my own virtual assisting company to help small businesses successfully identify and reach their target audiences. Through persona building and strategic content, my clients improved engagement and conversions across all social platforms. 

I have worked with a church plant to bring awareness to the new church in the area. Through consistent and targeted social messaging, I was able to increase their social following by 45% in the span of three months. 

I developed a brand voice for a client to engage with key and targeted consumers. By implementing the updated brand voice and messaging across social platforms, the brand cracked the Twitter code and instead of losing followers, consistently gained new followers on a monthly basis.

Lastly, I developed and implemented a social media training session that provided the opportunity for me to speak at a national conference for the company I worked for. I trained executives and colleagues on social media best practices for the company and for professional use. This training was implemented as part of organization-wide best practices. 

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